Any glass can hold a drink. . . Classy Concoctions start a conversation.

Vintage Blueprint Cocktail Recipe Tumblers by Cora

Cora Consolidated Glass Company Blueprint Tumbler 01Rubber cement, first grade mimeographs & fresh architectural blueprints

are the scents that I love and now rarely come across.  I have most likely dated myself by sharing the aromras of my childhood.  Those memories associated with that intoxicating smell, like fresh gasoline, are evoked in this vintage double old-fashioned glassware set manufactured by the Consolidated Glass and Lamp Company, or commonly called Cora.

This early 1960’s cocktailware is perfect for the architect, chef or mixologist in your life.  The architect will love the lapis to cobalt blue color mirroring their architectural drawings printed as bluelines.  The chef will enjoy the drink recipes, proportions and method of making these classic cocktails screen printed on the clear cocktail glass.  The mixologist will fall in love with vintage, classic cocktail formulas spelled out for a variety of time-honored drinks like the Whiskey Sour or perfect Dry Martini.

Each cocktail glass features two different drink recipes.  The set of six glasses are an encyclopedia to the drink culture of the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s.  The recipes printed on the glasses record what we served at the 60’s cocktail hour.

Screwdriver – vodka, orange juice, ice cubes and a fresh orange slice for garnish served in an ice filled 8 oz glass

Manhattan – Bourbon, sweet Vermouth, bitters and a maraschino cherry stirred and served in a martini glass

Dry Martini – Gin or Vodka, Dry Vermouth and a green olive served on the rocks in a 6 oz tumbler

Bloody Mary – Vodka, Tabasco, a lime wedge and tomato juice served with Worcestershire and a celery stalk in a 6 oz rocks glass

Daiquiri – Hemingway’s classic mix of rum, sugar and lime served in a chilled 4 oz coupe glass

Whiskey Sour – Bourbon or Rye, fresh lemon juice, sugar and an orange slice for garnish served in a 4 oz whiskey tumbler

These Cora double old fashioned glasses are in mint condition with no wear to the designs.  You can purchase this set at Classy Concoctions by clicking here.

Cora Blueprint Double Old Fashioned Classic Cocktail Recipe Glassware Set

Any glass can hold a drink . . . Classy Concoctions start a conversation.

2 comments on “Vintage Blueprint Cocktail Recipe Tumblers by Cora

  1. Matt Sinton
    June 20, 2013

    If you ever come across another set of these let me know.

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