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Vintage Space-age, Retro Memorabilia: Federal Glass Company Boomerang Pattern

The amoeba, boomerang drinking glasses by the Federal Glass Company are a must for you if you are way into vintage space-age, retro memorabilia. If this is you, then you need to get up close and personal with the mid-century modern amoeba, boomerang drinking glasses tumblers by Federal Glass.

The Federal Glass Company got its start in 1900 and was based in Columbus, Ohio.  The drinking glass pattern, popularly called, amoeba or boomerang, was actually called Contemporary #4695.  These mid-century modern amoeba boomerang drinking glass sets were distinctive for three reasons:

  1. They had 22 Kt gold integrated into their amoeba, boomerang designs.
  2. They came in turquoise, pink, white, and black.
  3. They had great names for the different sizes and kinds of drinks they were made to hold.

There were a number of different styles of drinking glasses offered in this pattern and each pattern had a matching pitcher that could be purchased. The names of the different kind of tumblers included:

  • Pilsner
  • Heavy Bottomed Tumbler
  • Heavy Bottomed Double Old Fashion
  • Heavy Bottomed Old Fashion
  • Heavy Bottomed Sky Ball
  • Heavy Bottomed Jigger

The turquoise and black colors are the most common. White is less common than turquoise and black and pink seems to be the most rare color.   Any style of amoeba, boomerang drinking glass are highly collectible  if in good condition.  The white and pink are the rarest. Jiggers in any color are the most rare.

Federal Glass Company during the 50’s to 60’s marketed this pattern by buy a certain brand of clothes soap.   It seems the mid-century modern amoeba, boomerang glass pattern is more frequently found in the Midwest, especially in Kansas. There are parts of the USA where it is rare to run across these amoeba, boomerang drinking glasses.

If you love to collect and decorate with mid-century modern style and grace, you might want to check out this Federal Glass Contemporary pattern better known as amoeba, boomerang drinking glasses.

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