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Vitreon Queen’s Lusterware Mistaken for Thorpe

Is it or is it not Dorothy Thorpe?

That is the question.

The silver fade or silver ombre glassware famous for their recent appearances in Don Draper’s office on Mad Men, have been coined as Dorothy Thorpe on several websites selling vintage barware.  Although similar in style, Dorothy Thorpe glasses have banded silver tops.  She did not design glasseware with a silver fade design.  The silver fade or silver ombre barware are made by Vitreon Queen’s Lustreware, ltd. 

Vitreon Queen’s lusterware, ltd. was started by Sidney Sigety.  His home and business was based in Brooklyn, NY.  Queen’s Lusterware’s heyday was in the mid 50’s and 60’s, the same era as Dorothy Thorpe.  Queen’s Lusterware features the signature ‘silver fade’ or ‘silver ombre’ effect on glassware.

Lusterware or Lustreware (respectively the US and all other English spellings) is a type of pottery, porcelain or glassware with a metallic glaze that gives the effect of iridescence, produced by metallic oxides in an overglaze finish.  Silver, gold and copper were commonly used until the 1800’s until a new silver lustre was employed.  A new metal called platinum.    John Hancock of Hanley invented the application of a platinum technique and put it in practice at Spode’s manufactory about 1800.  Very dilute amounts of powdered gold or platinum were dissolved in aqua regia and added to spirits of tar for platinum and a mixture of turpentine, flowers of sulfur and linseed oil for gold.

Queen’s Lusterware is a mid century modern barware essential.  Classy Concoctions has a few pieces for you to pick up to add to your collection.  Just remember, these iconic glasses are not Thorpe’s, but Queen’s Lusterware.












10 comments on “Vitreon Queen’s Lusterware Mistaken for Thorpe

  1. William
    October 20, 2012

    DECOWEST Has the Queens Lusterware machines!

  2. Max Willett
    May 14, 2014

    I have a set of 8 Queens Lustreware Coupettes – Product #88 from Brooklyn in the original boxes of 4. Since I can’t find this item anywhere on the internet, I would assume that there is some value associated with them due to their rarity. Any suggestions??

    • Norps
      May 14, 2014

      Sounds like a great set. Glasses with the original boxes can be more collectable depending upon the box condition. I have not seen these glasses before, so it sounds like you have something special. Enjoy your next Classy Concoction in them. Cheers!

  3. cyndi marty
    May 14, 2014

    Thank you so much! I am a fan and a re-seller of mid century. I learned something new today! Many thanks!!!

  4. Kathy
    May 22, 2014

    Good information! Thank you!

  5. Jenny Sanchez
    August 23, 2014

    Does the Queen’s Lusterware have FRANCE embossed on the bottom? I have a wine glass set that looks just like this. Each glass has FRANCE on the bottom of them. Could these be something else? If they are from Brooklyn why would they say France on the bottom?

  6. Bridget Boyle
    September 12, 2014

    Very good Information, I love this set, so glamorous!

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